The new Dawson International Truck Centres building in Kelowna is coming along smoothly thanks to some great efforts made by our Dawson Civil team. Recently, management has recognized a pair of special employees that have embodied Dawson Group’s Core Values: People First, Integrity, Excellence and Respect. Each month, Dawson Civil will recognize an employee who best demonstrated our Core Values.

In March, Dawson Civil Superintendent Rob Gray recognized Lyle Musyowski, a Lead Hand Excavator Operator, for exuding both People First and Excellence attributes.

Working in an excavator with several other trades nearby, Musyowski makes it known that safety is the No. 1 priority. Not only has he done a significant job to keep our Dawson team as safe as possible, he also ensures employees from other companies are safe on the jobsite. He takes the time to review hazards and controls that are required to work safely around moving machinery with employees outside of Dawson Civil. By keeping them safe, he is further ensuring his own safety is looked after.

“I enjoy passing information onto the younger employees and I hope they pass it onto the younger generation at some point. You want to see everyone be safe and have a wonderful day. You can really feel that safety-first mindset from everyone at the company and that’s one of the things that I’ve loved about working at Dawson,” said Musyowski, who is approaching his two-year anniversary with the company. “Everyone on this project deserves some sort of recognition; I was in shock to receive mine. Our team out here is working so well together.”

Rob Gray (left) and Albert Stubbs

Albert Stubbs is excelling as a new hire with Dawson Civil and was recently recognized for Excellence for the month of February for his outstanding contributions to the project.

“It certainly was a surprising recognition. I didn’t expect it. But it’s always nice to have others recognize you for the work you’re doing,” said Stubbs.

Stubbs is a Finish Grader with Dawson Civil and has been assisting with many aspects of the project. He has been working closely with the surveyors, cutting material into subgrade, helping out with sanitary, storm and perforated drain installations. Stubbs can also be found with the plumbers and electricians, helping them complete internal building work as well.

“Albert is always going above and beyond his duties and helping other employees without being asked to do so. He’s only been with us a short while, but he’s proven to be reliable, consistent and a key part of this team,” said Gray.

An added bonus for Stubbs is that he gets to show up to the jobsite each day with his son, Zach Stubbs, who is a Front End Loader Operator.

“I’m working towards retirement, so I enjoy projects like this where we get to work together,” said Albert.

Dawson Civil is very proud of these two recipients and thanks them for embodying our Core Values in their daily work.

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