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Dawson Civil is committed to staying in touch with the people and organizations who live in our communities. We want to share news about our organization, events and other items of interest that will help you get to know who we are and how we operate.

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Dawson Group celebrates our communities’ diversity on Multiculturalism Day

At Dawson Group, we embrace our differences and the cultures that make our diverse communities unique. Celebrate the uniqueness of Canadian diversity and what makes our country such a strong and wonderful place to live, work, play and enjoy life. On Friday, June 27, let’s h

Join Dawson Group in celebrating National Indigenous Peoples Day

Generations of Dawson Group employees have had the privilege and honour to develop strong Indigenous relationships and worked together to complete significant projects that have shaped the way we view and travel throughout our beautiful province. Join us in recognizing National

Respect the road during Cone Zone this summer

Most of us are excited to hit the road this summer and explore our amazing province. While you are on the road driving to your activities, please remember to drive safely and avoid distracted driving. Please respect the hard working crews that are busy on our roadways by slowing

Teaching the tricks of the trade to the next generation of employment at Heavy Metal Rocks

It’s hard to say who had more fun during the 16th installment of Heavy Metal Rocks: the students or the instructors. Regardless, incredible lessons were shared, as experienced operators from the industry shared their experiences, tips, tricks and advice with the next genera