One of Luc Thibault’s lasting legacies will be located in one of his favourite places.

On the weekends away from his daily duties with Dawson Civil, Thibault could be found beyond the western borders of the Lac du Bois Grasslands Protected Area, hunting in the fall and snowmobiling all winter. Those memories were the motivation behind Dawson Civil and the Kamloops Snowmobile Association (KSA) partnering to create Luc’s Cabin, a warming shelter for anyone in the area to use.

In the three years leading up to his tragic death, Thibault was the youngest member on KSA’s executive board and according to KSA treasurer and secretary Clemence Samson, he was the future of the board.

“I remember Luc showing up with his dad, Marc, when he was just a little boy. He loved snowmobiling and was a devoted member ever since,” said Samson. “This is an important project for Marc, Luc and everyone involved with the KSA.”

Recently, Luc’s family received more devastating news, as Marc has been diagnosed with terminal cancer. With Marc’s health and the worsening weather, Dawson Civil and KSA worked hard to complete the cabin as soon as possible.

Dawson Civil held a series of internal fundraisers to attempt to cover the cost of materials for the 16- by 12-foot cabin. Any outstanding costs were then covered by Dawson Group. Dawson also helped by managing the project, ordering the materials, grading the road in, clearing a spot for the cabin and supporting the build with whatever they needed. The labour was volunteer driven, completed by KSA members that knew Luc well and miss him dearly.

“This project ensures that his legacy will continue for a very long time. It was a big deal for us to support this and do everything we can for Luc’s parents and his fiancé, Brittany,” said Jared Benton, Senior Project Manager with Dawson Civil.

With the help of a team of eager volunteers and the generosity of local companies, Luc’s Cabin was constructed in a little over one week. Kamloops Truss donated the plans and trusses for the roof, Alpha Roofing and Sheet Metal donated the material for the roof and skirt underneath the cabin, Mike Winterholt donated the wood-burning stove, while Atlas Drilling donated the truck bed and hauled the new cabin out to its permanent location.

The cabin will be the eighth one built by KSA. Located an hour northwest from Kamloops, it will serve as a warming hut available to anyone snowmobiling, hunting, hiking or snowshoeing that needs to get out of the cold. With proper insulation and a wood-burning stove, it won’t take long to heat Luc’s Cabin. KSA also constructed bathrooms outside of the cabin. The Luc Thibault Trail Memorial is one of many trailheads located near his cabin, which is situated in a meadowy field known for its immense powder and stunning moose.

“It was one of his favourite areas to go to,” said Samson. “Now, more people can go enjoy that area in memory of Luc.”

KSA, which recently celebrated their 50th year in existence, will look after the maintenance of the cabins year-round to ensure everyone enjoys the wilderness, just as Luc did for so many years.