Pink Shirt Day in Canada is about more than stopping bullying in schools. While the day has its roots with students, it has grown and expanded to be about so much more!

The Dawson Group’s core values are 100 per cent in line with the values shared by Pink Shirt Day! We believe in putting People First, Integrity, Excellence and Respect. A big part of living those values comes in the way we treat each other in our workplaces.

When we think of respect, we think of teamwork, diversity, kindness and recognition. Being respectful means treating colleagues, customers and suppliers with mutual respect, and recognizing the importance of diversity.

At the Dawson Group, we encourage everyone to express their opinions and ideas, and we listen to what they have to say. We include people in meetings, discussions, training and events. We praise more than we criticize, and we treat others as they wish to be treated.

Today, we’ve changed our logos to show support for Pink Shirt Day! We’ve asked our staff to wear pink, and we encourage everyone to do the same, to show support for this important initiative!

Pink Shirt Day all started with two high school students who stepped up to support another student who wore a pink shirt and was bullied for it. Listen to the video, which is a chat with one of those first students, to hear how this event got started.

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