Through the past year, the Dawson Group has worked hard to bring all the companies in our family together under a common banner. 

Effective immediately, Eagle Rock Construction will operate as Dawson Civil (although the company’s former name has been reserved for use on special projects or partnerships).  

Dawson Civil’s new name also reflects its business focus — heavy civil construction work. Dawson Civil has expertise across a wide variety of civil projects, from underground utilities to tailings dams and road construction. 

Most importantly, however, the new name reflects the company’s membership as part of the Dawson Group, which is a group of interconnected companies with a common vision and purpose — to safely connect B.C. communities through the provision of critical transportation services and infrastructure. 

The Dawson Group motto — “We’re better together” — reflects a spirit of cooperation and collaboration that makes our companies special. All in the Dawson Group have access to resources, equipment and expertise beyond what they would otherwise expect to see as our companies collaborate and share with each other. 

There is one important point to remember — while Dawson Civil has a new name, its commitment to doing quality work that meets the demand of the real world remains unchanged.