Eagle Rock Construction staff volunteered at the Mustard Seed Kamloops Outreach Centre on Friday.  Amanda Fulton, Cassidy Girling, Denver DeRose, Kaydana Olson and Thomas Spooner spent the morning prepping, cooking and then serving lunch to approximately 70 people.

 “It was a very humbling experience for the entire group,” said Thomas Spooner, Superintendent of Crushing.   “The crew was happy to be there and had a lot of fun helping out.”

“We all know that the Mustard Seed is an important part of our community, but their operation is so much more than food and shelter. Organizers gave us a tour of their facility and we were surprised to learn that they had in-house counseling, health and dental services.  They even have a hair salon!”

We cannot say enough about the important work the Mustard Seed in Kamloops does and would like to thank them for welcoming the Dawson Group into their kitchen again.

To learn more about the Mustard Seed and how you can help out, please visit their website: theseed.ca/kamloops